The Business Success Cycle and How to Run a Business

The traditional process of managing a business and teams is broken: very few business set and communicate goals; even less set employee objectives against those goals; and no one tracks an employee’s status within the context of their performance objectives…that’s typically done in email or a shared document or a team meeting. We’ve connected these very important concepts in our Business Success Cycle – a philosophy that sits at the core of our product, and one we’ve discussed in resources like How to Run a Business.

how to run a business and manage a team

Our pursuit of the Business Success Cycle has led to some product additions that help managers and business owners drive teams to their projected outcomes:

A simplied writing experience
Number tracking for monitoring key results
A graphing and visualization engine
Quick access to team wins and urgent matters
A human-powered dashboard view for CEO’s, CMO’s, COO’s, and managers
Best-practices status report templates that maximize effort

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