Testimonial: Quantenna executive saves 3 hours a week with objective-driven updates

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Being an executive at a fast-paced technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area poses many challenges: resource allocation decisions, a quick-changing marketplace, breakneck operational speeds, talent management issues, remote office coordination, overall strategy setting and communication, and much, much more. At StatusPath, we work hard to reduce some of the burden on both executives and their employees by offering team coordination around what matters most. Today, we’ll explore how our objective-driven approach to standardized team status reporting has benefited Nara Bharath and Quantenna Communications.



Quantenna Communications, Inc. is a leading developer of 802.11ac and 802.11n semiconductor solutions for the next generation of ultra-reliable, Wi-Fi networks.

Key Info

Customer since: July 2013
Location: Freemont, CA
Company size: 200-500 employees
Website: www.quantenna.com

Nara Bharath – Vice President, Customer Engineering and Marketing

Nara has more than 25 years of design, development and support experience in hardware, firmware and systems design. His experience spans a broad range of data communications and telecommunications markets.
As a member of Quantenna’s management, Nara oversees multiple departments across multiple locations. Here is a brief discussion outlining how we work with Nara, in his own words.

Can you explain the challenge that brought you to StatusPath?

I have a large group working from multiple locations and getting a simple but standardized and crisp weekly status was a huge time sink.

How did you collect team updates before StatusPath?

Different formats and emails. The content was a mess.

How long did it take to sort through the data?

I had to spend about 4-6 hours every Sunday to digest and prepare a meaningful report for myself and my company.

Do you have a sense of how much time StatusPath saves you and your team each week?

StatusPath took me from 4-6 hours to about 1 to 1.5 hours – saving at least 3 hours every week.

That’s huge! Particularly when you look at the time savings over a month and year:

Major benefit of StatusPath for Nara

Hours saved per week
Hours saved per month
Hours saved per year

Can you outline the value of StatusPath to you and your team?

StatusPath was serendipity. I bumped into this when I was looking for an excel template or word template to create a standardized weekly status report. And glad I did find this excellent tool. I love it, my immediate directors and their team members love it. It is simple but extremely effective. Above all, I sincerely appreciate Jeff Branc’s timely help (this guy never takes a break I think) and I understand this well since I also provide applications and support to our customers.

Do you have any additional comments for us?

Keep up the good work and please enhance the reporting, exports, and more precise Goals & Objective with timelines and flagging without compromising the simplicity.

Thanks, Nara – we’re always working on improved functionality and design. And we appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to serve you and the team!