Testimonial: Pigeonly CEO eliminates 5 meetings per week after transparency boost with objective-driven updates

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Founding and running a fast-growing start-up requires strong leadership and guidance. CEOs need to engage their teams, empowering each employee to make decisions, iterate quickly, and contribute broadly across all departments and efforts. It’s a constant exercise in alignment, and historically this level of executive involvement meant additional meetings, recurring emails, and shared docs to ensure total coordination across the company. StatusPath is passionate about helping CEO’s and team leaders more easily align their organizations. That’s why today, we’re proud to explore how Frederick Hutson uses StatusPath to coordinate the efforts of his local and remote teams at Pigeonly.



Pigeonly builds products for overlooked and underserved markets.

Key Info

Customer since: October 2013
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Company size: 11-20 employees
Website: www.pigeon.ly

Frederick Hutson – Founder and CEO

Frederick is a lifelong entrepreneur, having already built up and sold two ventures, before most recently raising $2M to capitalize and pursue his newest passion, Pigeonly.
As the company’s CEO, Frederick manages cross-functional team members at company headquarters, in Las Vegas, NV, with a few remote contributors. Below is a brief discussion with Frederick highlighting how StatusPath contributes to Pigeonly’s efforts.

Can you explain the challenge that brought you to StatusPath?

We build and iterate on several products at the same time, making it difficult for management to keep up with rapidly changing project and team member statuses.

How did you collect team updates before StatusPath?

In the past, we used to do daily meetings to give updates and share information between departments. StatusPath eliminates the need for daily status and info-sharing meetings, thus saving us that time.

How much time did everyone spend each day in those old meetings?

30 minutes per day.

That’s incredible. It has been estimated that nearly 11 million meetings occur every workday in the United States. And given that nearly 50% of employees think meetings are a waste of time, I bet your employees love the reduction in meetings. And by the way, you’re eliminating an amazing number of meetings, especially when you look at the numbers over a month and year period!

Major benefit of StatusPath for Pigeonly

Fewer meetings per week
Fewer meetings per month
Fewer meetings per year

Can you outline any other benefits of StatusPath to you and your team?

With daily accomplishments now transparent among team members and management, employees are more focused on making meaningful progress throughout the day. That’s huge that I know we’re all aligned. Also, two of our team members are remote employees, and StatusPath keeps those remote employees accountable and engaged with their peers and management, even when they are not in the office.

Thanks, Frederick – we appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to serve you!