Testimonial: Nonprofit Executive Director streamlines one on one meeting process

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Effectively running a nonprofit organization poses many challenges for its leaders. The spectrum of work is dizzying, extending from fundraising all the way to the actual delivery of services or products, and everything in between. While it’s nearly impossible to identify the biggest hurdle facing nonprofit organizations – every organization has it’s own particular set of challenges – we have seen a common thread across our nonprofit customer base: too often, increasing demands are met with decreasing resources.
StatusPath is passionate about helping nonprofit organizations do more with less. We do this by enabling leaders to better manage staff and volunteers by engaging them with the organizations goals and objectives. We also help those leaders collect timely status updates on progress, while improving their ability to update key stakeholders like Board Members on current efforts. Today we’re proud to explore how Libby Donoghue uses StatusPath to coordinate the efforts of her staff at 2-1-1 Brevard.



2-1-1 Brevard is a private, not-for-profit organization that provides a telephone-based helpline offering crisis intervention and information and referral services, 24 hours a day.

Key Info

Customer since: July 2013
Location: Brevard County, FL
Size: 11-20 staff
Website: www.211brevard.org

Libby Donoghue – Executive Director

Libby manages 2-1-1 Brevard, which provides assistance and referrals in times of emotional, financial and community crisis. As the Executive Director, Libby is tasked with managing her staff members, setting and achieving organizational objectives, and meeting the operational expectations of key stakeholders. Below, we briefly chat with Libby about how StatusPath contributes to her work at 2-1-1 Brevard.

Can you explain the challenge that brought you to StatusPath?

Managing the expectations of funders, board, community and overseeing staff – sometimes I feel like the old variety show plate spinner.

Are these challenges common across all nonprofit organizations?

Probably – the nature of the business. We are trying to meet increasing demands with decreasing resources.

Before StatusPath, how did you manage your team?

I did – and still – have regular one on one meetings with staff, but it was challenging to stay connected with my staff while fulfilling my other responsibilities.

What specifically did you look for StatusPath to do?

What StatusPath has done has helped us come up with a standard, centralized location for goals & objectives and a consistent reporting and tracking methodology.

Great. Have the status and objective updates benefited your one on one meetings?

Yes. Our staff reports are scheduled monthly, the week before we meet. This gives me the chance to review progress and provide feedback in advance of the meetings, making the meetings more streamlined & forward-looking.

That’s great. Introducing a new tool can be challenging. Can you tell us how easy it is for you to get the data you need from StatusPath to make your management and resourcing decisions?

It’s very easy to access the reports & review progress!

What other benefits have you seen from StatusPath?

A regular report with reminders and a dashboard tracking progress helps keep everyone accountable.

Super. Can you give us a one sentence quote describing StatusPath in your words?

StatusPath offers a simple communications interface to report progress on our organizational and individual goals and objectives.

Thanks, Libby – it’s an honor to work with you and your team as you provide valuable services to the community!