Ten reasons you should use StatusPath for your employee status reports

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Ten reasons you should use StatusPath for your status reports.

It saves everyone time & money

Spend more time working and less time explaining the great work you’ve done. StatusPath enables you and the team to write and read reports more quickly.

You get status reports your way

Our customizable status report templates give you power. The team only reports on the items that matter, and in a format that works.

Status reports deserve better

An employee’s status update belongs out of email and rambling meetings, and in a system that encourages recognition, data portability, and collaboration.

It improves transparency

StatusPath works across all job functions within your company, so you’ll be able to see trends and insights across different teams.

Human perspective matters

StatusPath enables you to cut through the enormous amounts of data in third-party systems, and to get to the heart of the team’s activity and perspective.

It works across all screens

We provide anytime and anywhere access to your secure status reports – so you’ll be in sync with the team on all your favorite devices.

Knowledge sharing is core

When you share viewing rights to your status reports, a collaborative environment unfolds that improves the likelihood of success.

You can recognize great work

Employees feel status reports aren’t valued or read. Now you can immediately recognize great work and chronicle a team member’s success over time.

It helps you better manage your business & team

Being in sync with your team on the most important matters will improve your ability to impact their success and positively influence their experience on your team.

We love status reports, so you can too

Status reports benefit every reporting relationship in the workplace. At StatusPath, it’s our goal to improve this experience for all of our customers.