StatusPath status report software feature enhancements

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StatusPath Status Report Software Feature Enhancements

We just released Beta 0.4 of our status report software, and its full of a lot of little things to make life easier.   We start off by cleaning up things on the Report View screen.  The Date Filters now let you view the Current or Previous Report, plus all updates in the last 30 days.  In addition, we added the ability to view any status report on its own for a cleaner viewing experience.  You’ll notice the Consolidated view uses more of the available screen real estate – look for similar additions down the road.

It also became clear that the Manage Report function was hard to find. We added it in a few different places, both on the homepage in the report view screens so now you can more quickly edit your status report settings.

You will also notice that on the Manage Report, Step 3 of Create Report, and Manage Company (for those who are company administrators), you can now add a custom message to the top of the email invitation sent to new invitees to StatusPath.

Speaking of Create Report, we put some more love into Step 2 and the process of building your status report template Fields.  The Add Fields should now feel more natural – you start off with a few examples, and can add rows in a more familiar way.  Also, you can add fields from a previous report you have created to simplify the task of recreating reports across clients or projects.

For Company Admins, we’ve made the invite process a bit easier.  In addition to the aforementioned email customization, you can now resend invitations, or copy the Activation link and send it yourself.  This is to help in the case of overzealous spam filters that may swallow up the invitation emails sent out.

There have also been a ton of small improvements to nearly all aspects of the app:

  • If you have not submitted either the current or previous update for a status report, you can now choose which one you want to edit when you click the Submit Update button from the home page.  If you’ve already submitted the previous update, the button will take you directly to the current draft to edit.
  • Clicking into an empty field targeted at bullet-point level detail will automatically start you off with a bulleted list.
  • Paragraph breaks in a comment are now respected on display.  Feel free to enter multi-paragraph comments!
  • Numerous bugfixes related to creating reports, changing report due timing, deactivating/reactivating reports and deleting users.

As always, please contact us with feature requests, feedback and issues by clicking the bullhorn icon within the application. Also, if you’re new to StatusPath, please join us and experience some status report bliss!