A Goal Engagement Platform

Eliminate user fatigue by implementing a goal-driven culture

Transparency at all levels

Dashboards for people, teams, and the company highlight performance, trends, and areas in need of recognition or attention. Stakeholders at every level use human-powered insights to to better understand their business, make resourcing decisions, and evaluate performance against strategy.

goal dashboard
goal accountability

Accountability that engages without burden

Get everyone on the team engaged with your company strategy and focused on measurable results that will impact your business. Timely reminders, built-in recognition tools, email digests of performance, and update summaries keep the team engaged on what matters most – without a huge time commitment.

Alignment to fit your process

Achieve goal alignment by cascading from the top down, the bottom up, or in a bilateral manner. Objective tree enables sorting by person, team, state, label, and momentum. Align individuals on teams using functional, divisional, or matrix organization structures to perfectly match how your business operates.

goal alignment
goal collaboration

Collaboration without noise

The StatusPath goal management platform brings people together around your company’s most important goals. Collaboration features pervade the experience: high-level team coordination, n-levels of objective and result hierarchy, private and public teammate interactions, and multi-owner results.

Execution at the core

Customize the update cadence and establish standardized templates to inject goals into the fabric of your company communications. Employees thrive with advanced tracking tools and a goal feedback loop. Managers leverage integrated “coaching” experience and performance tracking to better lead their teams.

OKR execution
goal software recognition

Recognition and review in real-time

Quarterly and annual feedback loops are outdated. Leaders need a clear, up-to-date view of employee performance for real-time recognition and coaching to ensure desired outcomes.

Power to the admins

Advanced management tools keep company administrators in control of users, teams, goal and objective hierarchy, company branding, and visibility settings. Prescriptive and easily deployed out-of-the-box functionality is complemented by enterprise customization that spans the application.

admin customer success
software goal security

Security first

Your company data stays protected with secure SSL connections, encryption, a custom sub-domain, and enhanced access and visibility controls for completely safe, private, and protected conversations and strategy tracking.

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