Place your business goals front and center to improve transparency and employee engagement

Managing a business to success requires well-defined business goals. The likelihood of achieving those goals is amplified greatly when leaders communicate those business goals in a clear and consumable way to the entire company. While it’s common for businesses to share annual or quarterly goals through an all-hands type meeting, StatusPath offers additional opportunities to inject your business goals more visibly into the workplace environment.

  Business goal widget
When you set up your StatusPath company account, you can input your business goals with optional description. The business goals will then become part of the user experience for your entire team, including a business goals widget on the home page.

Business Goals
  Objective alignment with goals

You will reach your business goals by assigning the team individual objectives in support of each goal. This way, every employee knows exactly what they are working on and why their assigned objectives are so integral to the success of the business. By drawing a line between each employee objective and a business goal, efforts are better coordinated, focus is narrowed, productivity increases, and employee engagement reaches new heights.

  Effort allocation against business goals
Since every objective is aligned with business goals, you and the team can see exactly where their efforts have been focused. See you business in a whole new way tracking effort allocation against goals by person or team.

Effort allocation against business goals

StatusPath is dedicated to improving business productivity and employee engagement. You can coordinate your team on StatusPath in minutes, so try the free trial today and enjoy the improved focus and integrated management experience.