Monthly status reports and more

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Monthly Status Reports and more

A month into the beta, and the feedback has been very helpful. We’ve redesigned some key elements, added new features and made existing concepts more clear.

First, a brief history of the releases:

  • 0.1 – Initial Beta Release
  • 0.2 – Revamped and simplified Create Report wizard.
    • Changed around the concepts of private/team boards into “Reporters” and “Viewers” with checkboxes
    • Welcome Tour to help orient new users
    • Integration with UserVoice for people to submit ideas, vote on feature requests, and create tickets for issues.

 0.3 Beta Release

For 0.3, we introduced the idea of Monthly reports.  This allows very flexible criteria to setup a monthly reoccurring update.  You have the option to do it on a specific day of every month, or on relative days such as “second Tuesday” or “last Friday”.

We also introduced much more flexibility around editing of Status Reports.  For Daily reports, you can change the time its due.  For Weekly and Monthly, you can change the day as well as the time.  Additionally, you can change field names, length requested, and required flag.  Of course you can still edit the Reporter and Viewers list as well.

Another major aspect of 0.3 is the ability to send a report to others via email.  This is a great way to share the report with someone outside of StatusPath who wouldn’t necessarily be a Viewer for a given report.  You can send a report as HTML, or as an attached PDF file.  In addition to sending the standard report view, you have these same options to send the Consolidated report.

As always, please contact us with feature requests, feedback and issues by clicking the bullhorn icon within the application. Also, if you’re new to StatusPath, please join us and experience some status report bliss!