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compassSave tons of time by using one system, template, and location for team status and objective management.

compassImprove team transparency and coordination because the team will actually see and discuss their status on what matters most.

compassGet more done with a status report process that integrates major projects, employee objectives, and business goals into every template.

compassDrive focus and accountability with a process that’s fully-customized to your business and easy to set up.

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Fast-moving teams and companies stay coordinated with StatusPath.

Easy-to-use, integrated status reporting tool.

One location for everyone’s status updates.

status report frequency

Three status frequencies

Select daily, weekly, and monthly status frequencies for each team status report template.

Unlimited teams

Build as many teams as you need – control frequency, visibility, question template, and goal settings.

status report team settings

status report write structure

Data structuring

Structure status items by hashtag, objective, and flag to enable advanced filtering and a usable history.

Unified reading

One location for every conversation in the workplace – filter by person, team, date, and frequency.

status report filters

status report plugins

Task & calendar integrations

Leverage our plugins to import your tasks and calendar items to help write status.

Objective management integrated into the status experience.

Make objectives part of the conversation and get more done.

status report objective results

Multiple results and roll up

Track multiple results against objectives and get a roll up view of performance with every status report as objectives, projects, and goals are integrated into status templates.

Cascading goal and objective tree

Quickly view and align objectives to business and team goals with drag-and-drop.

status report objectives hierarchy

status report objectives goals

Company and team goals

Increase engagement by aligning objectives to goals at the business and team levels, so employees clearly connect with overall and personal strategy with every status report.

Detailed objective history

One location displays all historical data, including status items, for each objective to use for performance evaluations.

status report objective detail view

Use status report data to see your business like never before.

Three dashboard views highlight personal, business, and objective performance.

status report objective dashboard


Quickly view objective performance by goal, team, person, and across the whole company.

Business summary

Snapshot views of company engagement, status report submission performance, overdue items, and overall progress.

status report business summary dashboard

status report personal results dashboard

Personal results

One location to track everything related to your status reports: objective results, hashtag feeds, urgent items, and team wins.

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