Best Practices – weekly status report due dates

We’re fortunate to be able to provide so many companies with a great status reporting system. One of the many benefits we experience has to do with usage trends across our system, and the related best practices we can identify and share with all customers.
Ever wonder when most people request weekly status reports be submitted by their team? Well, we wanted to know so we took a look at some data and found that there’s a resounding winner: Friday.

Weekly Status Report Due Date

That’s right, Friday is the most common day for weekly status reports to be due, and by a wide margin at nearly 65% of all weekly status reports. The reasons are pretty straightforward:

Friday is the end of the week, and many weekly status report templates call for responses to fields like “What did you accomplish this week?”
It’s difficult to recall the previous week after a good weekend.
Weekend status reports are often hurried as people want to enjoy time off.
Another interesting item to note is how many of those reports due on Friday actually roll up through an organization. In the old days, managers needed their teams to submit status reports the day before so there would be ample time to roll up the reports. Now that StatusPath simplifies and speeds up the process of rolling up reports to a boss, we see that nearly all reports within an organization share the same due date, with most due times only an hour apart. That will make for a cool case study.