7 ways our online status report software saves you time

When you manage a team or run a business, you’re always thinking about ways to improve productivity and coordination across your team. One place to start your search for improvement is with the most common – and important – conversations in the workplace: employee status reports. Status reports enable managers to lead their team to success, while also offering insights into the health and performance of the business. StatusPath injects value into the status report process by associating status reports with how you run your business, and we also save you tons of time. Here are seven of the ways we save you and the team time:

  Simple reminders
Never waste another minute thinking about when your status reports are due, or whether or not your team will submit them. We have numerous options for creating reminder emails and calendar events, so everyone knows when and how to submit timely status.

  Advanced writing tools
When you’re writing your status report, we provide tools that help you write better status reports faster, including access to previous reports, activities and events streams to help you remember what you’ve done, simple status item and number-tracking input, and inline attachments for supporting data.

  Quick status report roll up
Collect status from your team, including updates on their objectives, and quickly roll up that incoming status with your own. We make it easy to roll up status reports within your company.

  Status reports on the go
We’ve built our status report software so it’s convenient to use on your mobile phone or tablet.

  One location for all status
Gone are the days of a decentralized status report experience with non-standard formats. Quickly see all status within your company in one location and format.

  Filters and sharing
Quickly get the information you need by filtering by person, team, objective, project, or goal. Share any data with important stakeholders with the click of a button.

  Integrate status reports with how you manage your business
You don’t need multiple systems to manage your team, coordinate and track business goals, set employee objectives or OKRs, and report status. An integrated approach saves time and improves productivity.

StatusPath is dedicated to improving business productivity and employee engagement. You can coordinate your team on StatusPath in minutes, so try the free trial today and enjoy the improved focus and integrated management experience.