• status reports against objectives help teams achieve goals

  • Finally, status reports that make sense.

    Inject business goals and employee objectives like OKRs, MBOs, and key project milestones into every conversation. Be amazed by the increased focus, accountability, and productivity.

    Over 80% of businesses don’t track their goals and objectives. Most businesses fail within a couple years. There’s a connection between the two.

StatusPath is easy to use

  • Employees submit updates on key objectives & projects

    Employees write status reports updating only the items that matter most to your team. No more noise, just the concise updates you need to make decisions.

  • Managers read and roll up important information

    Managers quickly read status reports so they can manage the team to success. They roll up only the most important information to executives and peers.

  • You see your business clearly with zero effort

    With one location for everyone’s status against what matters most, you can easily view the health of your business across all teams and employees.

With benefits & features for everyone

  •   Save time

    Write and read status reports more quickly with advanced tools. Less “work about work” for the team.

  •   Gain insights

    View key metrics across every department with a human-powered dashboard view of your business.

  •   Manage better

    Simplified views of progress, metrics, plans, and perspectives drive informed decisions.

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  •   Perfectly social

    Filters, viewing privileges, commenting, and objective dependencies connect the team where it matters.

  •   Enterprise security

    Secure SSL connections and enhanced access controls for completely safe and private conversations.

  •   Access anywhere

    Responsive design for tablet and mobile experiences. Multiple email preferences.

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